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Born with the gift of gab, Shireen Clark is a natural leader and activist. She pursued a professional career in accounting, working her way up to a senior role before being recruited by her local union. She was recently re-elected to serve a second term as Union president. Her sense of humour and storytelling skills allow her to rise above and come out on top. Shireen currently calls Vancouver Island, Canada home.

The History behind the Cherries Symbol:

Shireen's grandpa gave her the nickname Bowl of Cherries when she was just a baby. He called her that until the day he passed away.  He rarely ever called her Shireen and she has fond memories of him saying "Is that my Bowl of Cherries coming up the stairs?"


Shireen will soon be offering the following services:

  • How to Effectively Run a Meeting

  • Tricks to Public Speaking with Ease

  • How to Overcome Your Fears